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Startup package - part 1
Startup package - part 2
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Startup package

The Biochar Life startup package has been provided to the general public and prospective network partners (e.g., groups of farmers) interested in learning more about biochar and how it relates to carbon removal, including the new EBC tropical farmer C-sink standard.

The intent of the package is the provide a basic understanding of making and applying biochar, the data gathering and validation procedures, tracking system requirements and Carbon sink calculations and certificate to meet EBC tropical farmer standards and issuing / selling C-sink credits.

The startup package is organized into two parts to help guide you through the process. Each part of the startup package will include training and guidance along with a range of tools to help you further your understanding.

Network partner application

This is a general survey to collect basic information that we require from all potential Network Partners. Some of you will wonder why we ask such overwhelming questions; others will wonder why we ask such rudimentary ones. In both cases, the reasons are the same: we do not know you and, to simplify our own record keeping, we need to collect information from every organization in the same format.

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Biochar Life - Solution Overview

As part of our EBC accreditation requirements, we provide an overview of our solution along with the underlying procedures and method. Visit our documentation page for the latest version.